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The Velian Armoured Shock Troopers are a Colonial Loyalist Regiment that specializes in every aspect of the game Foxhole.

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VAST is a multi-role, semi-serious, run of the mill Colonial loyalist clan. Now you might be thinking “what a funky name for a clan”. And you would be right! This name is our heritage though, VAST was formed from a merging between 3 clans: 44th Colonial Shock Troopers, 8th Armored Division, and 1st Demokratos Battalion. You starting to put the puzzle together yet? (Demokratos is the capital of Veli in the game lore).
This is the most important feature of VAST, our culture and history dating back to WC91. Being a pretty old clan, we have many veterans who are more than willing to teach you about the game or tell you their war stories; otherwise, if you’re already experienced, leadership positions are always wanting to be filled . VAST also uses a unique regiment management system that keeps our ranks fluid and active people holding important positions. We're always striving to improve and innovate in the way the server and regiment works.


There is no experience requirement to join our rank we simply ask one thing of you, fight well and make a difference. We value every single contribution, but more than that we value your friendship, your humility and your loyalty. We are not the regiment that seeks out glory on the field, we are the regiment that gets the job done. And nothing gets that job done better than a Velian with an Argenti..

Whether you come to join us or befriend us we welcome you with open arms. Legio Invicta, Trooper.

First to the front, last from the fray! Join VAST today!

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