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The Velian Armoured Shock Troopers are a Colonial Loyalist Regiment comprised of the former 8th Armoured Division (8thAD), 44th Colonial Shock Troopers (44CST) and 1st Damokratos Battalion (1DB).

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We collectively trace our experiences back to War 96 and pride ourselves on a collective image of unity. Whilst we cover all areas of expertise from Domestic to Combat Operations we pride ourselves on our accomplishments on the field of battle and are well known for our high-risk high-reward Operations encompassing the use of Armoured Vehicles, Shock Infantry and Heavy Artillery in combined arms strategies that span multiple sections of frontline.


There is no experience requirement to join our rank we simply ask one thing of you, fight well and make a difference. We value every single contribution, but more than that we value your friendship, your humility and your loyalty. We are not the regiment that seeks out glory on the field, we are the regiment that gets the job done. And nothing gets that job done better than a Velian with an Argenti..

Whether you come to join us or befriend us we welcome you with open arms. Legio Invicta, Trooper.

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